To hear the name Dash associated with the word coon is not something Dame Dash is too happy about. The Harlem artist has come a long way since the #TweetLikeDameDash takeover took place. Most of us know that Dame is the cousin of Stacey Dash. With that being said, most has inquired on what he’s thought about Stacey’s recent comments about ridding the world of BET (and BET hilariously comes back for Stacey) and/or Black History Month (idiot).

Via Skype, Dame chatted with business friend Boyce Watkin to reveal his true feelings on the comments circulating.

“I’m use to it. Stacy is always going to say something to invoke an emotion,” he says of the comments that has the Black community thinking of ways to disown the lady. “It’s annoying to have a cousin that looks like that, and has an opinion and works for Fox News.”

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While we all have opinions, it’s believed that Stacey’s opinion was purchased at a high rate. She sold her soul to the devil for some spare change, according to Dame.

“Fox News pays her to say that s**t and that’s it,” Dame continued. “We know how Fox [News] is, we know how manipulative they are. I’m pretty sure she didn’t do it for free,” he added. “It was a job. I think that’s her job right now … to evoke emotion on that platform by saying things that are going to stimulate conversation.”


Dame also slips in that Stacey has no choice but to turn her back on her culture for some change, because hasn’t had a decent film out in ages.

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#IJS: I agree with Dame, but me and my cousin would have to take this one to the old mattress in the back; shoot the fade.