Lebron James & Kevin Durant are still the leagues two biggest stars, even though Steph Curry is now right there with them. So it comes as no shock to see Forbes magazine list the two international stars as the highest paid players in the league. The list is built upon much more than just their playing salaries.


Lebron clocked in at #1 on the list, earning an estimated $71 million dollars last year! Durant was second, earning an amazing $56 million dollars himself.

James’ top spot is not shocking, given his high salary ($23 million) and hefty endorsement deals, including a lifetime deal with Nike signed back in December.

The 31-year-old has made some sound investments over the past few years that have added to his fortune, owning stakes in Liverpool Football Club, SpringHill Entertainment production company, and Blaze – an assembly-line pizza franchise.

Durant also has a lengthy deal with Nike that contributes to a large portion of his earnings, with Beats, Sparkling Ice, 2K Sports, and American Family Insurance among his other sponsors.

Kobe Bryant ($50 million), Derrick Rose ($34.1 million), and James Harden ($32.8 million) round out the top five.

You can bet your ass this time next year you will see Steph Curry in that top five spot.