Statics have shown that one out of every four people in the gym, has had some sort of sexual intercourse there. Seems like a very weird place to wanna engage in sex at. I mean everyones all sweaty and stinky. Who would wanna have sex there? Well apparently a lot of people are doing it, like its a trend of some sort.

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A survey done in England with about 2,000 people shows that 25 percent of them have had sex in the gym within the last 12 months. 50 percent of people admitted to going to the gym to actually find hookups. Get ready for this bomb. 20 percent of the women have admitted to having sex with their trainer. So guys, be careful of those personal trainers. They are plotting on your woman!

This goes on even in the U.S. A gym manager said one of his personal trainers had slept with so many clients, he had to make a rule against it.

“Brandon lived with a series of women who came to our gym. Rich tech women. He was sort of a kept man. One of the women who used to date him came into the gym, right into a class he was instructing, and started screaming about how he was a liar, that she hated him, and how she hoped he was fucking all his other bitches real good… you get the scene. I had to shoo her out the door. After that incident, the no-sex rule was made.”

The sad part about all of this is, Only 10 percent of people keep a condom in their gym bag. If people are engaging in sex like that in gym’s you would think they would be smart and wrap it up? I guess not.

Source: Complex