Within the last year, 984 people have been killed by cops. This is double the number that the FBI annually reports. SMH really sad. Majority of those killings were of young black men. To make things worst, most of the policemen who were responsible for killing them were never charged. Many cities are looking into ways to develop techniques that will keep the ratings down and keep a closer eye on police while doing their job. software developer and Intercept editor Josh Begley​, took a stand to create his own form of keeping tabs on whats going on.

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Begley announced the releasing of a new app on Wednesday. The app is called Archives + Absences. The purpose of the app is to send out a notification every time someone is killed by a police officer. The app is able to send push notifications with the persons name and the location of the incident.

The app definitely serves a purpose. It lets us be more aware of whats going on around us. If only we could stop these killings, that would be even better than being notified about them.
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Source: Complex