Blizzard Jonas is here and here to do damage. The mayor of New York is not having it in his city and announces a travel ban for all residents of the five Burroughs. Between the hours of 2:30pm and mid night tonight there is a no travel ban put in place for all citizens,if your caught outside traveling the next place you’ll end up is in prison.

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Mayor De Blasio along with governor Cuomo is warning all New York City residents to go home! They say that the streets are getting worse at a rapid pace. The original estimation has risen to a whopping 30 inches of snow that will cover the entire metropolition area,if it does it will brake the 2006 record.The MTA pulled all buses off the roads at noon, and announced that by 4 pm above-ground subway stations and all Metro-North and Long Island Railroad lines would be shut down.The governor knows his new yorkers are tough but it is not worth the risk, as 10 southerners have already lost their lives due to blizzard “Jonas”.The City has already responded to 200 hundred accidents and towed over 80 cars. Any car in the way of emergency vehicles towing will also be towed in efforts to clean and get the city up and running again as soon as possible. Con Edison has already reported 20 different small power outages in the city and predicts many more to come. Staying in the house is the safest thing to do during the storm.