Future has been consistent with putting out new music, most recently with his Purple Reign mixtape. The tape boasts no features or guest verses, in notable Future fashion. Although, there was one man that just missed the cut-off to be on the tape – Kanye West. Hit the jump.


The guest appearance was first a rumor on Twitter, but now has been confirmed through Future’s dj, DJ Esco in an interview with Complex:

I was scrolling through Twitter that night while we were waiting for it. People were saying there might have been a Kanye verse. Is there any truth to that?
“Nah, I heard he was going to try to drop the verse before he put it out. But it was so last second. I’m sure Kanye could have pulled it off because he’s Kanye. He could probably do anything musically. I don’t doubt him in any way musically, so I’m sure if he could have had enough time, I’m sure he could have done it. I think he actually wanted to do it, but I felt like we just ran out of time. I know he’s such a perfectionist and all that. We didn’t want to rush anything with Kanye. But yeah, it would have been so dope and so fun to have Kanye on Purple Reign. I wish we would have enough time. We just ran out of time.”

What song would he have been on?
“I think the actual song he would have been on isn’t even on Purple Reign. I think it was a whole different song. So that might be released one day.” [Laughs]

Esco reveals that Future is planning on breaking his 2015 record of dropping 4 projects, by dropping more than that in 2016. His gameplan is to not let 500 songs build up and go unreleased, but to just give it all to the fans. 08/09 Weezy?