Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, is ready to reveal everything under the sun when it comes to the unfortunate demise of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown; and she will drop the information in an upcoming tell-all book.

Surprisingly, the woman who was booted from her niece’s funeral services has any information left to write a book; since she is known to deliver lengthy anecdotes, about her family troubles, on Facebook every chance she gets.

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FB Friends,
To comment on Dr. Jollie Harris lll, who spoke with Radar; he was absolutel100% correct about Bobbi Kristina being able to live! Dr. Harris is telling the truth 100%. Pat Garland and others (I won’t mention here) did everything they could to literally see to it that Bobbi Kristina was completely gone! I said this before and I will say it again. Bobbi Kristina was doing fine! She was communicating with us and looked forward to coming home! And in her communicating to us she wanted Pat to stay far away from her! This is what I fought to do for Krissi! However, my voice went unheard once again! But like I said, IT AIN’T OVER!

It’s never been a secret that Leolah does not like Pat. One might even say that she hates Pat. She’s gone as far as creating her theory as to how or why the two women died the way they did-because of Pat, allegedly; and she’s even claimed that Pat has “forged” documents naming herself as Bobbi Kristina’s guardian.

“Whitney signed papers with ME, LEOLAH BROWN MUHAMMAD,..with Pat PRESENT at the time.. along with other witnesses as THE GUARDIAN (FULL CUSTODY) of Bobbi Kristina Brown! Yes I said it!,” she writes. “If any paper work or documents should ever come up saying anything otherwise, IT IS INDEED FORGED!”

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