During the end of 2015, Boosie Badazz revealed to the world that he had been diagnosed with cancer. After getting the traumatizing news, the Louisiana rapper asked fans for prayers. However, it would seem that not everyone sent godly-like words to the heavens. Instead, folks took it to Boosie’s DM to place doubt that he even had the disease.

Being the “real one” that he is, the “Forgive Me Being Lost” artist puts shame on those naysayers with a photo of the scar he received following the surgery-a surgery that he paid $90K out-of-pocket for-that forced him to lose half of his kidney.

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Boosie took to Instagram with the following message for those that believe he would lie about such a thing.

I’m tired of these stupid mothafuckas saying I ain’t have cancer sending me DMs asking why am I lying saying I had cancer/ who wants to fake or lie about something like that not me ,not a real one ??wtf u mad cause I asked for prayers n gottem /I don’t get it / well mf’s this my cancer scar a week after my surgery (FACTS)

At your own discretion … hit up the gallery for the surgical scar.