If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. We all know the popular saying, and for Ballon Boy, it seems to be the motto of his life. Apparently, Ballon Boy, real name Falcon Heene, is backing Donald Trump up all the way as our 2016 crowed President of the United States. But hey, does he even count?

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Listen, I know and understand that every vote counts (except in Florida), but who plans on voting for the Trump just because Ballon Boy wouldn’t mind him as president? I’ll wait … anyone?

In an email from Falcon’s father, to the Gawker, makes it clear why the wannabe heavy metal artist (I didn’t tell you he’s in a band … that he’s trying to get exposure for) would prefer it if the Trump ran the county.

Falcon said Donald Trump. He is a get it done guy while all of the other candidates will sit around doing nothing and collect a paycheck. Trump is a businessman and he will run the U.S. that way.


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In case you were unaware of who Ballon Boy was: Back in 2009, the young child became a viral sensation after his parents phoned into police claiming their child was trapped inside of a helium-filled ballon that was floating thousands of feet in the air. After shutting down some local spots, including an airport, searching Colorado and surrounding areas, law enforcement came to the conclusion that the boy was never in the ballon, but in his parents’ attic. All in the name of fame. Some people.