Every now and again, the Internet gives off a little more excitement than it would on any given day. Today was that day.

Today, Wiz Khalifa tweeted about KK, some “weed fool” but Kanye West took KK to stand for the initials of his formerly promiscuous wife, Kim Kardashian; Kanye’s lack of knowledge in the green trees department sent him off into a Twitter rage that will surely go down in the books (along with his 127 other rants). He talked about Wiz, his career, his child and his child’s mother, Amber Rose (a lady whom he once stuffed his sausage into. Amber said her peace, and well, it was all just a big mess.

Of course, with all Internet beefs, memes come about; this time is no different.

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The funniest, to me, is the “smell my finger” joint. How dare they. LMAO.