Fetty Wap x daughter x Lezhae Zeona

Fetty Wap’s daughter’s mother remained out of the spotlight for the first few months of their daughter’s life in 2015, but she made her way to the web when she and Fetty started butting heads last fall. She went on to do tell-all interviews about him and all, and ended up enjoying the attention so much, she quit school to try to pursue a modeling career.

Lezhae and Fetty have since reconciled, but since he’s preoccupied with a few other women romantically, Lezhae has set her sights set on other rappers. In the past couple of months, she’s made various men her #MCM on Instagram, including Tory Lanez and a local rapper from her Paterson neighborhood, but the latest was none other than Chicago native, Chief Keef. Her captions for all of the aforementioned men always seemed to allude that these posts were more than random admiration from afar, and now the latter has pretty much been confirmed to be true.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

In a series of posts over the weekend, Lezhae documented her trip to Los Angeles, though she never elaborated on what she was going there for, nor what she was really doing in her day-to-day. Unfortunately for her, the subtle LA posts she shared were pieced together by Fameolous, and they connected the dots to figure out she was hanging out with Keef at his LA home!

Lezhae has since deleted all of her posts, including the #MCM, and reportedly posted that she’s just friends with the rapper. (I didn’t catch that post, and I haven’t seen a screenshot of it, but that’s what Fameolous is reporting.) Meanwhile, Keef is expecting two new children, one with his girlfriend, and one with another woman.

Someone needs to get this girl on the right path, because watching this play out is…not quite settling. But hey, it’s her life!