Lil Kim has a message for the people tampering with her booty.

“Since you guys love my behind sooo much, here it is kiss it!!!,” she writes on Instagram with a photo of her backside. Attached, she requested we all stay tuned.


The fat-shaming is at an all-time low these days. So Lil Kim has packed on a coupled pounds since her “How Many Licks” days. Is that any reason to Photoshop her?

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JaaiR (JR): Twitter | Instagram | Periscope

When the Queen took to Instagram to let her followers know that “2016 is a flat tummy year for me,” she didn’t know that there was someone out to get her.

In December, Lil Kim made an appearance at the BOOM Bash celebration in an ensemble that showed off all of her new mommy curves. As she strutted away from the event, a photographer got a still of her voluptuous booty … with its shadow tailing (no pun, lol) right behind (again, lol). That shadow was used to extend ass, thighs and belly sides.

It’s just not right. Why did they do Lil Kim like that? I mean, she has the big girl butt dent and all.

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