There has been much speculation in the whole Kanye West/Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose beef in the last week as to whether Kanye is really riding Max B’s wave in jacking the incarcerated artist’s “wave” concept, once he changed his highly anticipated album SWISH to WAVES. Now, new evidence has surfaced that has lead to some skepticism that Kanye actually drew inspiration from an additional unsigned artist from the midwest. Hit the jump.


Despite claims of taking the idea of “waves” from Max B, the actual inceptee might be an artist that goes by the name of RippFlamez.

Kanye’s friend Justin R. Saunders (@jjjjound), posted a video playing Ripp Flamez’s “Wavez” song from his latest mixtape on soundcloud. Once fans started questioning if the record was indeed produced by Kanye West, Saunders took down the song.

RippzFlamez’ latest project is called “Waves Forever” – with the 3rd track being “Waves”. On Kanye’s forthcoming Waves album, his 3rd track also is called “Waves”. Biting or just coincidence? So many waves.

The song definitely isn’t Kanye’s, neither is the idea of “waves”, so it seems, but was it suspect for Saunders to remove the song right as criticism began? Or was he just trying to play it safe before things got out of hand. Either way it doesn’t amount to Amber’s fingers-in-the-booty comments.

Check out RippFlamez “Waves” song here: