The Golden State Warriors have pretty much destroyed everyone in the league this season. That is everyone except the Oklahoma City Thunder because they haven’t played yet. You just know Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook are chomping at the bit to go at the Warriors and after the comment Steph Curry made yesterday, you can bet the intensity just got revved up.


He was asked about Super Bowl Weekend and the prospect of playing the Thunder in a highly anticipated matchup Saturday February 6 before Sunday’s Super Bowl 50.

“It’ll be a good 48 hours – a win and a win.”

The 48 hours he was referring to was watching the Panthers win the Super Bowl the following day.

So the question then is “What’s Steph supposed to say? ‘Well, we’ll probably lose despite the fact that we’ve beaten the pants off everyone else in the NBA?'” No, but he knows he could have answered that differently as well.

Are the Warriors beginning to get cocky instead of just confident? Could anyone blame them if they were considering how they have manhandled any opponent? One thing is for sure, Steph doesn’t need to give Westbrook or KD any more incentive to go extra hard that game.