Talk about act of kindness, rapper Tech N9ne has gone out of his way to give victims of domestic violence bras. The donation was made to the “Hope House.” According to the “Hope House” website, the they try to form “a safety net of prevention, education and support for thousands of people in the Kansas City area traumatized by domestic violence every year.”

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While Tech performs, many woman often throw their bras on stage. Tech made great use of those bras by donating them to the ladies of the “Hope House.” During an interview with XXL, Tech says,

“It’s beautiful that what started out as a fun party song with ‘Areola’ at my shows and thousands of beautiful women throwing their bras on stage turned into us donating all of them to the Hope House for a bigger purpose. No woman deserves to be abused. I’m glad we could help make a difference.”

Tech went to Instagram to say how much he hopes they appreciated his donation. He said,

“They were so nice and thankful!. I told them how I was one of those kids that had to witness my mom getting beat by an old boyfriend back when I was in 3rd and 4th grade and how we were always running to a relatives house to get away from him.I told them how at one point we had to run all the way over to KCK and stayed in a house right on Quindaro for a while cause he beat her really bad that time so I had to do a bit of fourth grade over there in KCK at an elementary school called Benjamin Banneker. That was news for even the news team filming! They had no idea that I connected so well with women and children escaping life threatening abuse!”

Source: HipHopDX