This could potentially be the twitter beef of 2016 and the year has just begun. After Wiz Khalifa already shouted out to a packed crowd in Argentina “F*ck Kanye!”, he now furthers his remarks by realllly threatening ‘Ye – with Taylor Gang’s army coming for the GOOD Music owner. Hit the jump.


Live from the mouth of Taylor Gang general Wiz Khalifa – “We coming for you Kanye, you better run n***a!”

The beef does not seem in any way shape or form to be settling down, just more fuel being added to this fire. Wiz is coming for Kanye and made that very clear the past few days, not on Twitter, but during his concerts across the globe. I’m waiting on a diss track…that would definitely be interesting coming from the stoner Wiz, known for his more peaceful aura. But, when you bring somebody’s child into this, all gloves are off. At least Wiz had the respect to not mention North or Saint West.

Will ‘Ye respond? Maybe we’ll get something at the Grammy’s…or maybe a sales battle WAVES vs. Rolling Papers 2 with a suprise drop on Feb 11?! Wiz has been on a roll lately will all the new music he’s put out.

Check the video below of Wiz’s piece of mind for ‘Ye.