Blac Chyna’s drunken arrest has been the talk of the weekend. We now learn that Rob got in his Bentley an drove 19 hours to Texas to get his girl.

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Chyna posted a Snapchat that said “Bye Texas” standing in front of a bentley with a Beverly Hills license plate frame. Kardashian sources say Rob indeed drove 1,377 miles from Los Angeles to Texas to pick up his boo thang. Chyna was arrested at 4:20 PM Texas time, which is 2:20 PT. The picture was posted at 12:20 PM PT. That was 22 hours after her arrest. We are not sure if Rob did all the driving by himself or had someone come help out, but it was indeed SuperRob that came to Chyna’s rescue. The Kardashian family are afraid that drugs and/or alcohol may be involved in this relationship. We know one thing is for sure, Rob is a true rider.

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