The government in El Salvador is asking woman not to get pregnant until 2018. They are trying to stop the Zika virus from spreading and feel like this would be one of the best ways to end it. Apparently other reigons are asking their woman to do the same thing. This virus is mosquito-borne and has been linked to at least 4,000 cases of microcephaly in Brazil. This disease causes babies to be born with small heads.

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The NY Times reported that at least 5,000 causes of the virus have been found. In just the past month, there have been 1,500 cases. Eduardo Espinoza, the El Salvadorian Deputy Health Minister made a statement saying,

“We’d like to suggest to all the women of fertile age that they take steps to plan their pregnancies.”

Abortions in El Salvador are illegal, so these woman pretty much have no choice but to obtain from getting pregnant. The laws in El Salvador are so strict, some woman have received jail time for miscarriages. The country is really poor so woman can not afford birth control. The woman will have no choice but to abstain from sex or get their tubes tied.

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