Damn homie, last year you were the ride homie(s)! Recently Uber decided to drop the price by 15% of Uber X in order to gain more ridership, but the drivers see that as pay cuts, so they have decided to protest in front of the Uber offices today in LIC(Long Island City).

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A flyer circulated yesterday calling for the protest(see it in the gallery), after the price cut on Uber X to go from $8 to $7, which was already down from $12. One Uber Driver explained how that adds up to about $1500 a month, which is what he needs to pay for his car he’s using to even be apart of Uber. The company has responded by saying;

“Price changes need to work for drivers,” “If for any reason the price cuts are not giving drivers more business and better earnings, we will consider changing them as we have in other cities.”

said an Uber spokes person, which sounds ike they’re going to leave the price cuts in place hoping the Drivers get more rides adding up to more $, hopefully.

Since Uber considers the cuts ‘Promising’, and said to meeting the Drivers one on one, this is not over. Since Uber has become a major source of transportation in NYC, people will be following this closely, and we have yet to see the impact today’s protest will have, so check back soon!!