Subway fans across the nation are outraged that their beloved $5 subs that made the chain famous will be $6 starting Feb. 4, 2016. The company took to Twitter to share the news of the switch and even responds the harsh feedback from unhappy campers.

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The company provided an explanation for the change siting the cause to be due to their cost (I’m guessing expenses) going up.

Still fans were unmoved by the reasons behind the switch. Some fans were so upset they even blamed the switch on Jared, the Subway spokemans who was found guilty on child pornography charges.

One angry Consumer tweeted Subway,

Are you still putting yoga mat chemicals in your bread?

This tweet was in reference to a report that Subway uses the same dying agent that is used in yoga mats, in the bread.

Subway responded, proving that reports were, in fact, correct at one time or another.

You have the wrong information. This ingredient is approved for use in N. America but we removed it from our bread.

The subs haven’t been $5 since the months following the campaign. You’ll pay at least a good $8 to get a satisfying sandwich from the chain restaurant that was once a safety haven for those interested in dropping a few pounds. Since then the company has fallen from grace for it’s new and improved unhealthy practices.