According to Maino, the Notorious B.I.G. movie was done all wrong. He believes that the movie should be redone. He says that he thinks the biopic was released entirely too early.

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“I want ‘em to do Big movie over. I want it to be done over. I think it was done a little too early. I want them to really get that one done right. You know what I mean? You have to let a little bit of time go on. Because you want to speak to another generation. The N.W.A movie—This is what? 30 years after. So, you speaking to a whole ‘nother generation. When they did the Ray Charles movie, it was—You speaking to a whole ‘nother generation. I believe part of the problem with the Big movie—And I don’t want to be judgmental about it. But I think the same people that—We made the movie for the same people that was just here with him.”

Maino went on to talk about the NWA biopic, “Straight Out of Compton.” He watched the movie with his son who had no idea that Ice Cube or Dr. Dre were even rappers. He got a chance to actually talk to his son about hip-hop and the influences these men have on the game.

Maino says,

“I got a chance to share with him real history, real rap history…My son had a lot of questions. He didn’t even know Ice Cube was a rapper. And I don’t think Ice Cube gets the credit that he actually always deserves. He was that dude…To see my son like ‘Man, I didn’t even know, dad.’”

Source: HipHopDX