They just won’t let Bow Wow (Shad Moss) be him. After posting a picture with actor Michael B. Jordan to his Instagram with a caption on working with the NAACP’s “Best Actor”, the internet had it’s usual fun with ol’ Bow Wow. Specifically poking fun at his less successful hit movies like Lottery Ticket. Hit the jump.

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After posting the now deleted picture, he captioned:

“True story..We were supposed to had been did one. Hurricane season. For what reason they aint pick this boy. I have a feeling we gone meet up and get the chance to do it forreal! (it’s only us 2) kind of movie could yall see us doing?”

His “fans” very quickly suggested that they could make Lottery Ticket 2 lol…and even worse, Broke Back Mountain 2. Yikes. I havn’t seen either movie, but I do know Brokeback Mountain is about two men falling in love and Lottery Ticket get’s clowned on a lot just because of the overall concept of the movie.

Anyway, hit the gallery above to see Bow’s Instagram feed where the roasting began…I thought a roast was supposed to be light-hearted fun with the roastee being a good sport? Guess not.