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I’ve already told as many people that will listen, VR WILL BE the gift of the 2016 holiday season!! I know we are a good ways away from that period, but the amount of hardware and software that is finally going to be available now….trust me it’s going to be the move!!

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There are so many devices coming out this year, starting with the top tier Oculus Rift at a $600 price point, but there are also many other, less expensive devices(like google card board/Samsung Gear VR), up to and including a super portable headset from case maker SPEK;

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But as you know, the one thing that makes any new platform take off is of course SEX!!! This is the part that will make ‘parents’ want that device for their kids, and when the kids are asleep, BOOM!!

And this is why #VR will take off this year!! #CES2016

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But what about that lonely guy…Or that guy in a relationship but she is 300 miles away?? They got that covered too;

Now the flesh light, and bluetooth vibrators have been around for a while, but before they didn’t work in tandem, now they do, so while you have on a VR headset, watching an animated person whom has your ‘him/her’ voice, you ‘attach’ the ‘device’ to ‘yourself’…. ‘sexting’ just hit a whole new level!! What do you think, will you be getting 2 VR headsets, 1 for the kids, 1 for you?? Or just the 1, for you???