It was a LONG time coming, but this past December, Jeremih was finally able to drop his oft-delayed album, Late Nights: The Album. This came after his mixtape of the same name (minus the ‘The Album’ part, of course,) and now he’s ready to complete the trifecta.

Late Nights: The Album — I’m glad the world has finally soaked it in, and is marinating in it, but you best believe I have a whole other late night coming for you real soon: Later That Night,” Jeremih recently told Billboard. “I gave them the mixtape, I dropped the album—now I want to give them a complete trilogy of work.”

During the interview, he also revealed that he’s been working with Kanye West, and says that if the material doesn’t end up on Ye’s new album, it will most certainly end up on Later That Night. While there’s no word on when he’ll drop it, hopefully the process is a lot quicker than his last album was!

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Source: Billboard