The Kardashians arent exactly happy with the way they are being portrayed in the O.J. Simpson series. The family has a specific issue with one of the scenes on the show that shows Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, and Rob gathered around the TV watching their father during a press conference. They claim that they never cheered for their fathers fame as he read O.J. Simpson’s suicide note and called the scene “ridiculous.”

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Kato Kaelin, who is another important character in the series is not pleased with it himself. He says the series is “#notadocumentary.” In a recent interview, he states,

“One of the most powerful scenes in episode 2 is when Robert Kardashian tells O.J.’s family that he’s killed himself and proceeds to read the suicide letter. Kato is in this scene sitting with O.J.’s family — but that never happened. I wasn’t there.”

So I guess the Kardashians arent the only one’s not too fond of the series.

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