Cam Newton just made a statement without having to say a word. The newly minted MVP obviously didn’t have a memorable night during the Super Bowl and then he has been roasted all week for how he just walked out of the post game presser. He already addressed that part, admitting he is a sore loser and believing nobody who just lost should be in a cordial mood and now he is letting his shirt do the talking for him.


If you thought the Super Bowl loss was going to humble Cam than you would be dead wrong. He is too talented to stay down for long and he knows that. He took to Instagram to share a message with Panthers fans and reflect on the season but his shirt said more than enough to all the people who have been trashing him.

This season has been an incredible journey and I want to thank PANTHERNAT1ON and all of the fans that iNSP1RED us to great achievements. iAMnøtPERFËCT and I will make mistakes but I will continue to work on improving each day trying toPERFECTallMYimPERFECT1ON. Pursuing greatness is my commitment, and I will continue to be TRÜ to myself, to my FAM1LY and to making all of YOÜ who follow me PROUD! iW1LL W1N… MY WAY… and hope to iNSP1REüALLtoW1N…. ürWAY! -1OVE
#dontBEaPUPPET #stayTRÜtoÜ

Check the gallery to see Cam’s entire photo! He is going to do things his way, no matter who likes it. Hopefully for Panthers fans that means actually winning the big game next time.