Dr. Dre’s deal he inked with Beats Audio has made him hip-hop’s richest man by selling the company to Apple for a reported $3.2 Billion. That could have been Kanye, but he didn’t believe that Beats Audio would have skyrocketed the way it did in the past couple of years. Comedian TK Kirkland says that’s what happened in an interview with Vlad TV…check it out below after the jump.

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“A lot of people don’t know with Dre Beats, was really for Kanye West and Kanye West turned it down because he couldn’t see people going back to the ’80s wearing headphones. So when Jimmy Iovine and Dre got together, the marketing scheme got together and, boom, it took off.”

Kirkland also reveals that Dr. Dre even missed a big opportunity of his own – by passing on a chance to invest in Uber, the taxi-like service company now worth $50 Billion.

Even though Dr. Dre is a legendary hip-hop star-burster and if not a billionaire than extremely close to it, he could have made himself alotttt richer.

Check out the interview below and you can skip to the 8:30 mark to hear his comments about Kanye and Beats.