The Michael Jordan stans are gonna be all over Tracy McGrady today after he said Kobe Bryant is actually the best player he ever went against, and that includes the goat MJ!


McGrady, while doing an interview with Mike & Mike on ESPN, spoke of his love and affection for Kobe but took it a step further, saying he is the best!

“He’s the best player I ever played against. I played against Michael my rookie year and going up against MJ was quite frightening but Kobe at that time was in his prime, MJ was kinda on the back door of his career and there is no doubt Kobe is the best player I ever faced”

McGrady did qualify the fact Jordan was older by that time but you know anytime you speak against the goat, the internet is going to roast you, even though he is technically correct considering when he faced the two different legends.

To see the entire interview, click HERE