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The Houston family is reportedly being sued for not paing Bobbi Kristina’s bills. Bobbi’s Aunt Pat Houston and Grandma Cissy Houston were put in charge of her estate and given instructions by her administrator of the estate, Bedevil Hargrove. The deal was that they would pay Bobbi’s monthly bills and that would be taken out of her trust fund. They have not paid anything yet.

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Bedevil Hardgrove is suing the family for “breach of trust,” claiming they have not done what they were suppose to for Bobbi’s home. She says,

“Respondents are impairing and impeding the proper administration of the estate. To date, the respondents have failed and refused to pay any expenses of administration of the estate after proper repeated demands from the petitioner.”

Due to the fact that Pat and Cissy Houston are co-trustees of Bobbi’s estate, it is there job to sign off on any money that is going in and out of the trust fund. Apparently they haven’t been doing that. Word is that they refuse to do so because they think Bobbi’s bills are not “reasonable”

Source: TheShadeRoom