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He’s relentless…he really is not letting anybody touch his “one of the greatest albums of all time” piece. After somewhat fraudulent website MediaTakeOut went on a post rant about Kanye West in the last few days, he now fires back continuously on his Twitter for all their disrespect. Hit the jump.

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The site went on to claim that Kanye has a “mental illness” and is in the midst of a “nervous breakdown”, that Rihanna dissed him by not attending the “Yeezy Season 3” event, called the whole event a “sh*t show” and that 50 Cent and Jay Z both were “embarrassed” to be there. We all can guess what happened next.

He began:

“Now – Media Takeout – always remember that you dissed the collection that changed the world.” “You seem like the type of organization hired to always keep dreamers down… when certain things in history happen you just got to respect it… respect the struggle… respect the hustle… respect the dreams… respect the movement….”

“I had an album listening and clothing presentation and Madison Square Garden… people were crying… people were throwing up the fist… people were dancing… but Media Takeout couldn’t say one thing positive knowing damn well you’d love to be on the YEEZY 350 list… You probably got bootleg Yeezy’s on right now…”

“Your site is entertaining and hilarious but certain things are just too far… you have no idea what I’ve had to go through… so many people didn’t make it and gave everything they had for me to stand on their shoulders and break through fashion… fashion ain’t no joke for me… It’s a way of life… creative expression and industry… I’ve given everything I had for this moment… a lot of people feel it’s the paradigm shift…”

And so on and so forth…tweets are in the gallery above – enjoy.