There’s been a debate whether Kanye West was naming his new album “The Life of Pablo” after the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar or the famous painter Pablo Picasso. Well, the stars have aligned and it turns out it’s actually about Pablo Picasso. TMZ catches up with the late great painter’s great grandson for his thoughts on the album name and he actually reveals a lot more than expected – saying his family’s estate gave Kanye the OK to name his album after their family’s patriarch. Hit the jump.

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Meet Florian Picasso – the adopted great grandson to Pablo Picasso. He’s actually an EDM DJ, a big Kanye fan, and an active member in the Picasso empire. He goes on to invite Kanye over to make and talk about music + art and also says they are both visionaries – both wanting to revolutionize the “game”. Nice guy…check out the clip below.