Superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence and newly-famed comedian Aziz Ansari were spotted out together on Valentine’s Day…in a supposedly “non-date” dinner, whatever that means. Hit the jump for the full scoop!

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According to undercover detectives for People, Lawrence and Ansari definitely were out seeing a bit flirty drinking wine and sharing snacks, but nonetheless – on a friendly outing.

“Ansari and Lawrence looked friendly and were showing each other stuff on their iPhones and chatting and laughing.”

Dining at The Commodore in New York, New York, the two were said to be enjoying great comfort food – seeing as that neither had a “Valentine” in nachos, mac & cheese, “some sort of sandwhich”, fried chicken and wine. Now that’s a date lol.

It’s stressed that this is simply a friend’s date to keep each other company, but you never know do you. Did we just get a head start on a potential future relationship?