While Kendrick was stealing the show with his Grammy performance, there was a few things that we as viewers noticed. There was a few lyric changes to the set but we also see there was a huge audio cut in the perforce also as Kendrick performed “Alright.” The audio cut took place at the part where Kendrick said, “Diggin’ in my pocket, ain’t a profit big enough to feed you.”

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CBS sent a email reply saying,

“An instance of profanity was deleted during Kendrick Lamar’s performance of ‘Alright.’”

They were asked for more information and they gave a one word answer.


A representative gave more info on what exactly they meant by saying Kendrick said,

“Diggin’ in my pocket ain’t a profit ‘fuck it’ big enough to feed you.”

No one has given a response as to why Kendrick Lamar eliminated the police line in “Alright.” As an alternative line, he said,

“I’m at the preacher’s door/Wanna kill us dead at the preacher’s door/We said give em so mo’, this one time/Do it for the show/But we gon’ be alright.”

Geraldo Rivera who is a Fox correspondent says,

“How can you turn a song about hope and turn it into hatred?”

Well ma’am we see it everyday in our everyday lives, why cant we do it in a song?
With all the recent controversy we’ve seen lately, everything Kendrick said, needed to be addressed.

Source: Complex