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29-year-old Lionel McLean was shot and killed infront of a Brooklyn apartment building. The man was simply visiting his girlfriend. Police found Mclean shot in the head and chest once they arrived. Witnesses say he and his attacker had exchanged words in front of the building before he was shot.

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The victims mother in disbelief said,

“That was my son.He’s dead. I can’t believe it.”

One witness released a statment saying,

“The other guy pulled a gun and opened up on him. I knew he was dead right there.”

Another witnessed accounted the incident by saying,

“There were so many shots, I couldn’t count. A woman, his girlfriend was standing over him, crying.”

McLean’s brother-in-law says the victim was a family man.

He was a beautiful man. He was a family man. He had a son and a daughter.”

Such a tragedy. May he Rest In Peace.