Neyo and his fiancé’s wedding is today, but to many people’s surprise his children aren’t there. His ex-fiance Monyetta Shaw shared of picture of their two children dressed way too informal for a wedding, stating that the kids had completed another school observation. Shocked fans commented to inquire about the wedding and today Monyetta had time!

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Apparently the school observation date was set before she was made aware of the wedding and there was no way to change it. Here’s her explanation.

Hey guys…Not that it’s anyone’s business I have a few secs to entertain since we are done with these school visits for today… Any involved parent in search for the best school for their children knows how important this process is & I don’t take it lightly. It’s a very long process & we are at the end which is the kids observations at schools. In DECEMBER today’s date was [given] to us! Before I was informed of any wedding date….tried to make it work but it basically didn’t. Unfortunately even if they got on a flight to LA (5 hours) they wouldn’t make it in time! My #1 concern & priority are my kids! NOTHING will EVER change that!!!! Anyway, the kids are excited & looking forward 2 spending time with their father, new little brother & step-mom this summer. You guys have a blessed day!!!!!

Shortly after this response, Neyo’s new wife Crystal Renay shared Monyetta’s picture stating that the children were missed and expressing her excitement about being a stepmom. I guess this family has it all worked out now.

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