Sean Kingston

Emily B’s daughter, Tiana, is absolutely stunning….hey she gets it from her mama. She must have all the teenage high school boys on her tail and from the looks of it some grown ass men too including Sean Kingston. The 26 year old recording artist posted a comment under one of Tina’s Instagram pictures asking her to check her DM’s and while doing that added that she was gorgeous. Lets face it the girl is drop dead gorgeous but damn Mr.Kingston…’re a grown ass man. Hit the jump to see his comment creepin.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Emily B’s daughter Tiana is a beautiful young lady who happens to be jail bait because she is onlt 17, but it looks like Sean Kingston doesn’t mind. The recording artist took it upon himself to slide in Tiana’s DM’s and then asked her to check her DM’s in a comment.

Shes a beautiful young lady Sean but shes still a baby! I guess Yo Gotti was right… really goes down in the DM. Lol! I wonder how Emily B and Fab feel about this? Hit the gallery and look at the comments and then comment below and let us know what you think.

Source: The Shade Room