A Fall Coachella will be coming soon! , Glenn Miller, The Indio Mayor says the arrival of the festival is bound to happen. The Desert Sun, which is Indio city’s local paper says “significant progress has been made to bring a new Goldenvoice event to the Empire Polo Club.” Goldenvoice President, Paul Tollett, says he is very willing to add more festivals to the agenda. The City of Indio says they will keep keep the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach: California’s Country Music Festival going through 2030.

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Although Tollett says it will happen, it just won’t happen right away. He says,

“Just an idea we talked about, but we’ve talked about it before. Hopefully some day. We love the Coachella Valley.”

He mentioned one of the reasons the concert would be a good idea is because of the increased economy it would bring to the area. He says,

“It brings a different group into the community that wouldn’t be here in the summer heat, so it brings in money, business and jobs to the city.”

The new Panorama Festival will be happening in NYC in July. Also, The festival presenters of Governors Ball, which will take place in NYC in June.

Source: Complex