Destiny Jones

Nas’ daughter, Destiny Jones, launched her own lipgloss line just a little over a year ago. Named with her dad’s classic album in mind, Lipmatic features 12 organic lip glosses, and they’re available on their site, as well as on Karma Loop.

Destiny recently sat down with Teen Vogue to discuss her venture into becoming an entrepreneur, and we learned some pretty interesting things about Nasir’s first born! Hit the jump to get the 411.

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She went to all public schools growing up, and even did a brief stint at The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles for fashion design:

“I wanted fashion design to be my backup plan in case things don’t work out with this or that at least I’ll have this under my belt. But after about two years my passion for it was not the same as my friends and my classmates. I feel like when it comes to your dreams you have to take that leap or for the rest of your life you’ll wonder what would’ve happened if you would’ve went for it.”

On her man:

“He’s the only guy I’ve ever introduced to my dad and that side of the family,” she says. “We were both really nervous. So I was like, ‘I’m gonna take you to an event.’ It was my dad’s event, but I figured that was the most un-awkward way to meet him because there’s going to be people and noise and stuff going on. It’s not an awkward dinner. So he came and my dad was actually real cool, real regular. We were happy because we were like that’s out of the way. It went so well. Then the very next day we went somewhere and my dad popped up. So it was two days in a row that he met my dad, which we weren’t expecting. But it did go well. And my dad was real cool. We were both like wow. Didn’t expect that to go so well.”

Check out the full interview here, and hit the gallery to see what her boo looks like, plus dad’s proud reaction to her big article!