Delonte West was on the streets of Houston last month looking crazy because he was on the wrong medication and left his treatment facility while hallucinating.  He’s now reportedly on the road to recovery.

TMZ Sports spoke with people extremely close with Delonte who tell say everyone was scared and concerned for West after the photos surfaced last month.

Now, one of West’s close friends says he wants people to know the 32-year-old is receiving treatment for his bipolar disorder thanks to quick action from friends, family, the NBA and his former agent.

“Delonte was at a facility where he received the wrong medication. He began hallucinating. Because of the hallucinations he walked out of the facility, barefoot, in the hospital gown. He went to go get food. That’s when he was video taped and photographed.”

West is now reportedly in a different facility and people close to him are confident Delonte is currently getting the proper care he needs and deserves.

His mental issues were the reason he was unable to continue his basketball career.  I hope he his indeed recovering.

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