Kendall Jenner
As North West would say, “no pictures.” Sometimes enough is just enough! Thursday as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were outside the L’Arc nightclub, paparazzi was going crazy trying to get pictures. Jenner was so upset with the flashing lights, she threw a punch at one of the photographers.

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Jenner was so angry, security had to hold her back from striking more punches. Jenner and Hadid had just got done celebrating at the Balmain afterparty during the Paris Fashion Week. Kendall recently wrote on the encounters she had had with paparazzi. She says,

“I’m always more worried about other people’s safety, especially when they’re driving. For example, if the paps run a red light—all twelve of them—and almost kill someone else, I’ll definitely tell them off. I stop, tell them to pull up next to me and I say ‘You assholes! Not only are you going to kill yourself, but you’re going to kill innocent people around you.'”

Kendall Jenner is pretty like that! Just let her go and enjoy her night. Thats all she asks.

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Source: Complex