Despite the fact that he is dating the ex-girlfriend of her current boyfriend, Kylie Jenner has buried the hatchet with her previously-estranged brother, Rob Kardashian. The family has been at odds for a while now, seemingly even before Chy came into the picture, as Rob was struggling with his weight, health and depression and was reportedly not accepting help from anyone. Now that Chy has kicked his butt into shape, it seems his relationships are getting repaired as well, as Rob and Kylie were spotted hanging out last night in public for the first time in quite some time.

The brother and sister duo were shopping at Diamond Supply Co. in LA, and the store’s owner Nicky Diamonds shared some clips via Snapchat. (Or as Kylie and Rob’s niece would say it, Snabchap.) Check out the clips and pics below. Glad to see them getting along again!

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