EJ Johnson has lost so much weight in the past few months to the point it is actually quite remarkable. Now the big question is.. what is his big secret?!

During a recent sit-down with E!, Johnson explains exactly how he was able to drop 180 pounds and transform his body into looking so fab!

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“For me I just constantly throughout the day I just nibble as opposed to sitting down for large meals,” he explained. He also has a very strict work-out regime. He makes sure to do Pilates and tries to do it at least four times a week, without any exceptions, along with working with a personal trainer.

“Find a workout that’s something you love to do,” he says. “For me it’s not even working out it’s just having fun. We dance a lot, we sweat and at the end of it I’m like, ‘Wow! I burned all these calories and I didn’t even know because we were just having a blast.'”

Now we know what to do to get our summer bodies looking right!

Source: E!