There have been many athletes (too many) who have used some of their free time to moonlight as wanna be rappers because, well they can. Having the resources makes it easier to live out an alter ego in the studio even though in most cases it is money wasted. Damian Lillard is one of the more talented mc’s out of the pro athlete group but he has come along recently. In the past there were few and far in between that had any talent, although Roy Jones has convinced himself he is the best to ever do it out of any athlete.


Jones, who released an album in 2004 with the single titled “Can’t Be Touched” believes no other athlete has rapped better than him. In an interview with CBS sports, he bases his theory on Youtube views.

Where do you rank yourself in the all-time list of athletes as rappers?

[Laughs] I got to be the best. I have to be the best. That song has over 80 million views on YouTube. I have to be the best.

Better than Shaq or any of the rest?

I have to be! Name another guy with 80 million views on one of their songs from an athlete?! Who else?!

For the record, Jones was pretty terrible as a rapper but you might have an opposing view from mine. Iverson tried and failed, Kobe was the worst, Shaq was decent and there have been many others but for the most part it’s just picking from the least bad instead of actually skilled.

As I mentioned before, Lillard is definitely talented, as well as Iman Shumpert, both of whom Jones wouldn’t even be able to be on a song with.

In case you need a reminder. Here is the song Jones was talking about.