A Cleveland EMS captain,Jamie Marquardt, has now lost his job after writing a highly inappropriate Facebook post. A year ago, Tamir Rice was shot and killed by police. Although there was evidence that showed that Rice may have had his hands in his pockets at the time of the shooting, his shooter was still not charged. The EMS captain posted to his Facebook that he wishes he had killed “the little criminal” himself. Disgusting.

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The post read,

“Tamir Rice should have been shot and I am glad he is dead, I wish I was in the park that day as he terrorized innocent patrons by pointing a gun at them. I am upset I did not get the chance to kill the little criminal (expletive).”

A spokesperson for the city of Cleveland, Dan Williams, says the post was “egregious” and the posts were not acceptable and do not represent the views or standards of the City of Cleveland administration, Department of Public Safety or Division of Emergency Medical Services.”

Marquardt claims that he is innocent. He claims someome picked up his phone and wrote that stuff. Riiiiiighhht. Like we believe that.

“I did not do it. I presented evidence to the city of Cleveland that I did not do it. They fired me simply because it was on the news.”

Source: Complex