Poor Bobby Shmurda…what this kid is going through must be unbearable. Shmurda was just denied access to police records to search for evidence in supporting his “the cops set me up” claim…which allegedly the police officers who arrested Bobby back in 2014, have a history of doing just that. Hit the jump.

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Bobby has been in jail for a little over a year in now, but him and his new lawyer Alex Spiro are trying everything they can think of to get Bobby back out into the world. In addition to claiming the cops set him up, he also said he was targeted by those cops for awhile because he’s black and makes rap music. Sound familiar?

Tuesday, a judge denied Shmurda’s access to the officer’s disciplinary records, dealing his defense a great setback. So far there’s been no word from Bobby’s camp on the disappointing ruling.

The 21-year old overnight hip-hop star remains behind bars on drugs and guns charges, and faces 25 years in prison when he finally does get to trial which the earliest would be May 11th.