We all know who ISIS is….but who we do not know is Christopher Dickey. Well Mr. Dickey is an expert on terrorism and an analyst for MSNBC and he just made some big headlines by comparing the appeal of gangsta rap in American inner cities to the appeal of radical Islamic jihad in certain European neighborhoods. Hit the jump for this one!!

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Amidst discussing the Brussels, Belgium terror attack on MSNBC, Dickey had this to say for ‘gangsta rap’ and ISIS:

“It’s a little bit like gangsta rap in the neighborhoods in the United States. This is how you show the man. That’s the technique that’s used. It’s not nearly as much as religious as it is basically appealing to their testosterone, their desire to be heroes and the idea that they can project themselves on the world stage.”

Uhh…the idea that they can be heroes in neighborhoods that were set up to fail by people alike from the Nixon era?? The twittersphere wasn’t here for it, as you can tell in the gallery above. I really want to hear what you’s have to say on this….drop comments below!!