Not too long ago we were seeing images online of a knee high pair of KD 8’s that left us scratching our heads and wondering if they were in fact going to be released. Well the second part we still don’t know but Kevin Durant himself broke them out for the first time last night during warm-ups and twitter had no mercy. Obviously the kicks are meant to be a benefit to KD and other players but twitter wasn’t concerned with all that. They just wanted to point out the similarities between Durant and ducks & birds.


According to designer Leo Chang, “The KD 8 Elite is conceptually designed to blur the lines between the shoe, sock and tight; seamlessly transitioning between each so you can’t differentiate where one begins and the other ends”.

Durant took the court in warm-ups wearing the kicks in an orange colorway and it wasn’t long before the jokes were coming. KD eventually changed into a pair of kicks that you are used to seeing him in for the game itself.

I think even KD would be laughing at some of these jokes. Check the gallery!