ifwt_Jhene Aiko x Big Sean cropped

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean announced this week that they’ve come together for a joint album, TWENTY88. The project will be released on April 1, and the teasers they’ve been posting to social media show Jhene with a much different look than the natural one we’re used to from her. Turns out, it’s because she and Sean have “created another world.”

“Both me and Sean are super into fantasy-driven movies and so combining stuff like robots and sex, that pretty much sums us up,” Jhene tells Flaunt Magazine. “We’ve created these characters that are extensions of ourselves. It’s highly sexual.”

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The frequent collaborators are excited to come together as a duo, for music Flaunt has described as “’90s R&B and ’70s experimental rock/soul with their eponymous TWENTY88 record. The album also mixes neo-soul, ambient beats, and trap drums courtesy of producers like Da Internz.” Sounds lit.

The pair also reveal they went on a date in 2012, but clearly now that Jhene is married, not too much came out of it on the romantic side. Glad they didn’t let that get in the way of great music!

Read the interview in full here.