Emily B and rapper Fabolous’s daughter, Taina, just turned 18 over the weekend and Emily and Fab gifted the birthday girl a new beautiful Mercedes Benz!

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Emily B and Fabolous’s daughter turned 18 this weekend and partied at Mastro’s in New York City. The 18-year-old brought in her big day with friends and family and got a gift that every teenager would ask for. Emily and Fab gifted their daughter with a new Mercedes Benz.

Emily.B took to Instagram and shared a very loving birthday post about her daughter and Fabolous did as well. Happy birthday Tiana! Check out the posts and Taina’s new car in the gallery above and then check out the video below.

Swag! @latainax3 – you get it from ya mama lol ?? ?shot by: @jeremythedirector ? #Tainaturns18

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