Not too long ago, LeBron James said the Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t ready for the playoffs.  Now his teammate and fellow star Kyrie Irving, says the Cavs are the “team to beat”.

via Akron Beacon Journal:

“I feel like we’re the team to beat,” Irving said. “It’s open season until we get into the playoffs. I have a lot more confidence than I think anyone realizes in our team and what’s going on in our locker room.”

“Everything surrounding our team is just crazy to think that we’re still in first place and we’re still the team to beat,” Irving said. “Regardless of what anybody else says, what we need and what we don’t need and what we need to get better at.”

“I’ve been through a ton of adversity in my life. There’s nothing anyone can say that I can’t get through,” Irving said of his last few days. “I’ve been through enough already in my short 24 years that most people can say for their whole entire lives.”

The Cavaliers have had some chemistry issues, lost questionable games and had off the court problems but they are still the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference with a 55-22 record.

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